After reading this, you’ll have a chance to answer questions about the story to earn a free “Fiction Fan” NFT. The leaves shook like the newly-discovered rattle of a newborn. The tall grass swayed and rolled in the distance. Two clouds hung in the otherwise blue sky, and Jasmine covered her sh

“It’s just up ahead.” “Are you sure?” Jax stopped and turned to his friend. “You don’t trust me?” “You know I trust you, it’s just…” Beans faded and stared at the ground. “Just what?” “I just think… I think we’ve already been that way.” “The jungle gets pretty c

Day 1 The trees grew thick; thicker than I had ever encountered. My machete dulled with each swing, tearing through enormous branches and clunking against trunks the size of my midsection. With crew in tow, I blazed a trail among the unchartered land.  We had started just north of the bay; our

The wind grabbed at his hat, but he was quick to fight back and hold it in place. “Look at that view!” Davy, standing between two towering rocks, looked out over the plain before turning to his partner. “Let me see,” Jade said, pushing Davy jokingly out of the way. “Careful up here,” he