Switching on the artificial light, you turn to your only source of entertainment; an old-fashioned book. With most resources stripped and decimated, paper is a rarity, so books like this fetch buckets full of money. But you aren’t that desperate yet, and you still like getting lost in the printed words. You drag your fingers along the coarse edge as you open to the first page…

Saving The World

“You boys ready?” Madrid cleared her throat in the background. Rio glanced her direction. “I mean, people. You people ready?” “Why can’t you get used

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The Dream Machine

Sleepex Incorporated was on the cusp of a breakthrough. Reports had been sent off for scientific review and their “Research and Development” department was already

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Comet X42 passed overhead like lots of comets before it. The news talked about it, like they always do, but I didn’t pay attention, like

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