After reading this, you’ll have a chance to answer questions about the story to earn a free “Fiction Fan” NFT. Gray was the color of his life. Gray walls. Gray armor. Gray skies. Gray food. The only occasional color came from the wardrobe of the king and his lady, and the faded, muddy grass of

Saphrone’s flaming orange dress drooped past her ankles and dragged on the dolomite floor. Making her way to the stairs, she took in the beauty of the palace she inherited over 50 years ago. The agates glistened in the distance and the waterfall just beyond the palace entrance chattered as strong

“In here?” Purple sparks flew from the fairy in front of me. That meant “Yes.” I took a step forward and held my breath. I had followed the path all the way out here, in hopes of finding the ancient book that would save the village. It seemed like a good idea at the time, […]

My favorite station is a mix of oldies and jazz instrumentals. I’m not sure what about the combination soothes me, but it could be the flawless way CCR meshes with a Wynton Marsalis. I know it shouldn’t make sense, but it does. For as long as I can remember, my brain has operated this way. [&hel

His boots sank in the mud. He heaved the sword over his shoulder so it wouldn’t suffer the same fate. The warrior beside him seemed to glide magically through the soggy land. The man’s armor was nearly pristine, only a chink here and there from previous battles. Battles that, Amrok imagined, the