After reading this, you’ll have a chance to answer questions about the story to earn a free “Fiction Fan” NFT.  He wasn’t sure what called him into the bushes, but something pulled him in, tugged at him, and whispered promises of escape. Escape from what, he wasn’t sure, but escap

She was consumed by something, that much she knew, but what it was or why it was happening, she didn’t have an answer. Her life was an abysmal chase of an unforeseen object, something she could picture but couldn’t understand. She had seen similar things in the movies, on the open road, looking

“Hey Marty, how’s it going?” Clark waltzed through the front door like he had every weekend for the past decade. It was a brief walk across the manicured grass from his house, and it had become their new tradition. “Hey Clark.” Marty, donning his sweatpants and hoodie, shuffled to half-hea

Brittany couldn’t sleep. She thought it was because of the caffeinated iced tea she consumed at dinner, but it could have been her boyfriend’s dead body in the basement. She had been staring at the ceiling for some time now, the clock said it had been an hour and a half, but to Brittany it [&hel

“You want to talk about it?”  I posed the question to my beautiful baby slumped in her strapless red dress in the passenger seat.  She sits there, staring into the night and I think she’s still upset from before.  It happened again.  He was there tonight, when I came to pic